Saturday, March 28, 2015

Learning To Be Still

Learning To Be Still

Learn to be still through quiet and meditation with Kyle McMahon.
Learn to be still by Kyle McMahon. 
by Kyle McMahon

I am learning quickly that stillness is a necessity in my life. From hundreds of text messages a day, hundreds more emails and numerous phone calls, I am constantly connected and always thinking. Like any engine, our brains need down time too. When we're constantly thinking about what we still have to get done or we're over analyzing an argument, a misconstrued word, or any number of thoughts that we clog our mind with, we are never giving ourselves time to be truly still.

I've been learning to be still through meditation. I'm certainly no meditation guru. In fact, I'm unable to get past 10 minutes or so of stillness and quiet. But I'm learning everyday. And that 10 minutes itself makes a huge difference. I quiet my mind and put on some soothing music and just allow myself a break.

Originally, I started with just a minute or two. I was unable to go further. After a few months, I realized I was at the 5 minute mark. And now, a few months later I've hit 10 minutes. I am confident that as I continue to practice daily, I will continue to grow the length of time I am able to quiet my mind and just be still.

Find your safe place and give yourself a break. Start allowing yourself to think about absolutely nothing. If that's too hard at first, try concentrating on a positive word or focus on your breathing. In time, you will find that just being still is a mini vacation that gives yourself permission to let go, if only for a few moments. In the end, this will make you a stronger and more healthy and balanced individual.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kyle Writes on Relevance of Selma for Huff Po

Kyle Writes on Relevance of Selma for Huffington Post

Kyle McMahon plays Senator John J Williams in Oscar nominated Selma
Kyle McMahon has a small role as Senator John J  Williams in Selma

Kyle McMahon, who has a small role as Senator John J. Williams in the Oscar nominated film Selma, writes his latest article for the Huffington Post. The article, titled Selma Is More Relevant Today Than Ever, discusses the amazing parallels between the Golden Globe winning Martin Luther King drama and the events going on in the United States today.

"If you haven't yet heard of Selma, you soon will. The film is based on the real life events that occurred in Selma Alabama in 1965. The three marches from Selma to Montgomery signified a critical moment in race relations in the United States, and a monumental moment in American history. These marches, including "Bloody Sunday," led directly to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, giving people of color a say in our governmental makeup. 

Selma, the film, is more relevant today then then it was just a mere few months ago. It's no secret that there are protesters, the majority of whom are peaceful, that are currently on their own marches around the country. Tens of thousands of people of all races, shapes and sizes have come together to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest in the wave of deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of law enforcement."

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kyle Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Kyle McMahon Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Kyle McMahon has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from his friend Phoebe and professional golfer Michael Tobiason, Jr and challenged Judge Lauren Lake of Paternity Court and Brad Fischetti of multi-platinum recording group LFO.

Watch the video below!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kyle McMahon - Why I've Forgiven My Father (via Huffington Post)

Kyle McMahon - Why I've Forgiven My Father (via Huffington Post)

Kyle McMahon Huffington Post article  "Why I've Forgiven My Father"
Huffington Post - Kyle McMahon "Why I've Forgiven My Father"

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past -- but you sure do change the future." -- Bernard Meltzer
I've talked at length about my biological father's choice to leave before I was born as well as the repercussions his decision has had on my life. In the past year, I've heard thousands and thousands of stories from other fatherless sons and daughters, single mothers and fathers and even some from the fathers themselves. With each and every story, I hear anger, sadness and pain. I hear about the lack of self esteem, the shame and the trust issues that so often come from parental abandonment. I see a whole lot of people holding on to a whole lot of hurt. The most transformational thing that I've done for me, besides realizing that it had nothing to do with me (Thanks, Ms. Oprah and Ms. Iyanla), was to forgive him. While a year ago it seemed like it was an impossibility, forgiveness has been the key to setting me free.

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