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My Mission Statement: Transform Your Life

My Mission Statement

Welcome to Kyle2U.com / KyleMcMahon.Me  If you haven’t heard my story, the quick version is that I am a fatherless son. My father had left before I was born and chose not to be in my life. As a recording artist with 111/ Warner, I had always thought that I would reach people through my music.  It turns out, destiny had a very different plan.

A few short years ago, I took a chance all alone in a television studio in Chicago and bared my soul by telling my personal story on international television. The platform was the stage of Oprah’s Lifeclass – the largest classroom in the world. I was transformed from that experience. I directly credit Oprah and Iyanla Van Zant with saving my life. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I had finally gotten what I needed to begin the process of healing.

What took me by complete surprise was the immediate outpouring of people from all over the world who contacted me to tell me that I had helped them. I was shocked. How did I help them at all? Thousands and thousands (& thousands) of e-mails, tweets and messages poured in with people telling me their story and telling me how I had helped them. Many asked for my advice in helping them with their own stories. Immediately it became clear to me that by telling your story, you can help change a life – and by changing enough lives, we can change the world.

My focus is now on helping others to transform their lives. KyleMcMahon.Me  was focused on me and promoting my various projects. That is now longer how I want to use my voice. I want to use my platform to help other people the way that I was helped. I purchased Kyle2U.com and we revamped the site to reflect the primary focus of helping YOU. Every single thing that is posted here has our “Transform Your Life” mantra embedded in it’s very DNA.

I hope that you join me on my journey so that we may walk this road together. I want this to be a safe community of like minded individuals that are ready to fight their demons and become the best person that they can be. Maybe you’d even like to share your story. I look forward to the road ahead.

– Kyle McMahon