3 Best Apps For Anxiety Sufferers

3 Best apps for anxiety sufferers
Relax! We’ve got the 3 best apps for anxiety sufferers to help you regain control.

One thing anxiety sufferers know how to do is worry. We worry about things we can’t control. We worry about things we can control. We even worry about worrying. Luckily, there is help that is just a click away. Companies from all across the world have been releasing products that help anxiety sufferers. One of the biggest challenges is for us to actually dedicate the time and energy to do use these products consistently. Enter: Apps.

Apps are a nearly one click solution. You simply download the app and begin. Turn on notifications for the app and you don’t even need to remember to use it – your phone and the app itself will do it for you. Kyle2U has collected the 3 best apps for anxiety sufferers. We aren’t just giving lip service: We use these anti anxiety apps ourselves.

Consistency is always key, particularly with anti anxiety measures. If you think of your anxiety fighting abilities as a muscle, you’ll realize that you have to train that muscle to fight off and ultimately prevent anxiety attacks.

So sit back and enjoy our roundup of the 3 best apps for anxiety sufferers for both users of iOS / Apple and Android.


Free. (iOS, Android, Web)

Pacifica is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and additionally combines wellness and relaxation techniques to help you control your anxiety. The app allows you to track your mood throughout the day so you’re able to look back and find any patterns. Pacifica has a section on relaxation techniques which focuses on deep breathing, mindfulness meditations and progressive muscle relaxation. You’re able to track your daily health habits from nicotine, caffeine, exercise and sleep. It also includes a Thought Diary which helps you to learn to identify and ultimately correct any distorted thinking patterns that are contributing to your anxiety.

The most powerful part of Pacifica is it’s ability to allow you to track all of these patterns and changes over time, which may help you identify potential causes or stressors that may cause or contribute to the plight of anxiety sufferers.

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Free. (iOS, Android, Web)

The Headspace app focuses on meditation and mindfulness with their Take10 program. This program is a free introductory series that gives the user a 10 minute session each day for 10 days. These 10 minute sessions help retrain your brain to be happier, more relaxed and ultimately healthier.

Once you’re done the Headspace Take10 program, you are free to restart the process or sign up for a subscription which continues your training.

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Free. (iOS, Android, Web)

Calm is an app by the good folks at Calm.com   The Calm app focuses on mindfulness meditation. Calm is based on the science that shows that mindfulness meditation is extremely useful in controlling and preventing anxiety.

Calm allows you to choose from multiple relaxing settings such as a beautiful empty beach or a quiet stream. From there, a narrator walks you through progressive relaxation. You also have the option to not have your program be guided if you’d prefer to do it yourself. There are many options and many tools to help you relax and be calm.

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