The 35 Best Essential Oil Blends For Any Mood

35 best essential oil blends for any mood                             The 35 Best Essential Oil Blends for Any Mood

Need a burst of energy, want to relax or are you in the mood for love? We’ve rounded up the 35 Best Essential Oil Blends For Any Mood

If you haven’t yet used essential oils you are really missing out. (We have a great guide on how to get started with essential oils, if you’re interested) It is scientifically proven that essential oils can have a measurable, positive effect on our health. When diffusing essential oils in diffusers, studies show that the chemical compounds naturally occurring in high quality essential oils actually bind to the receptors in the olfactory bulb which impacts the limbic system – the emotional center of the brain. Since different essential oils have different properties, it leaves us with a wide variety of essential oils to help us feel a wide variety of emotions. Yay science! We hope you enjoy our round up of the 35 best essential oil blends for any mood!

For our roundup, the essential oil blends we’ve chosen can be diffused or you can use in a roller. It all comes down to what works best for you. You want to make absolutely sure that you’re using high quality essential oils. After all, you are putting these in your body through contact or inhalation. (We recommend this brand, this brand or this brand).

Best essential oil blends for any mood including focus and concentrationFocus & Concentration

We’ve all been there. You have those bills that you’ve got to sit down and pay or that report that is due tomorrow. You’ve put it off and put it off which only makes you feel more overwhelmed. Don’t stress yourself out over it. When you’re feeling a bit (or a lot) scatter brained and you can’t concentrate on that task that you need to get done, there’s an essential oil blend recipe to help you get focused! 

#1.   4:4:2   Peppermint; Cinnamon; Rosemary

#2.   2:2:2:2:1   Lavender; Grapefruit; Lemon; Peppermint; Rosemary

#3.    2:2:2   Peppermint; Wild Orange; Frankincense

#4.    2:2:1    Lemon; Peppermint; Rosemary

#5.    3:2    Peppermint;  Grapefruit

Best essential oil blends for any mood including relaxation and calmCalm & Relaxation

Life is stressful. From the job to the kids to the friend going through a breakup, it can be hard to manage your stress. Go to a quiet place,  turn on some soothing music and try one of these essential oil blends recipes for calm and relaxation.

#1.  2:1:1     Lavender; Orange;  Frankincense

#2. 1:1:1     Lavender; Lime; Mandarin

#3.  4:2      Chamomile; Lavender

#4.   2:1:1    Orange; Jasmine; Chamomile

#5.   2:1     Lavender; Cedar Wood

35 best essential oils blends for any mood including for energy and alertnessAlertness & Energizing

We’ve all had those moments when we just couldn’t stay awake, even though we had to. These alertness and energizing essential oil blends will help keep you moving and motivated so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep during that important phone call.

#1.   2:2    Wild Orange; Peppermint

#2.   2:2    Peppermint; Sweet Orange

#3.   1:1:1:1:1    Peppermint; Lemon; Bergamot; Rosemary; Geranium; Ylang Ylang

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#4.   4:1:1:1  Lemongrass; Rosemary; Clove; Black Pepper

#5.   2:2   Lemon ; Peppermint

35 best essential oil blends for any mood including that fresh and clean feelingFresh & Clean Feeling

Sometimes you just want that refreshing feeling. Maybe you just came back from a run and are ready to hop in the shower or you’re just getting home from a long day of work. These essential oil blends recipes will help give you that fresh and clean feeling that Outkast sang so emphatically about!

#1.   2:2    Lemon; Lavender

#2.   2:2:2     Lemon; Peppermint; Grapefruit

#3.     1:1:1:3:3     Lavender; Lemongrass; Citronella; Tea tree;

#4.   1:1:1:1:1     Lemon; Orange; Grapefruit; Lime; Bergamot

#5.   2:2    Lemon; Frankencense

35 best essential oil blends for any mood including mood boostersMood Booster

We get it – You can’t shake that feeling of just being ‘blah’. Nothings particularly wrong, but you’re not feeling your best either. These essential oil blends recipes can help boost your mood so you’re back to your usual self and ready to take on the world!

#1.     3:3     Spearmint; Wild Orange

#2.     2:2:1    Spearmint; Wintergreen; Cedarwood

#3.    2:2:1     Wintergreen; Bergamot; Cedarwood

#4.    3:3:2:2    Lemon; Wild Orange;  Lime; Peppermint

#5.    2:2:2     Lemongrass; Tangerine; Spearmint

35 best essential oils blends for any mood including happiness


Are you bursting with happiness already? Or maybe you just want to. These essential oil blend recipes for happiness will have you smiling and ready to take on the world!

#1.   2:1:1    Lemon; Patchouli; Peppermint

#2.   3:1:1   Grapefruit; Orange; Lime

#3.   2:2:2   Rosemary; Lemon; Peppermint

#4.  2:2:1   Ylang Ylang; Wild Orange; Lavender

#5.    3:3   Peppermint; Wild Orange

35 best essential oils blends for any mood including romance and love

Romance & Love

The wise words of Pink, Christina Aguilera, Mya and Lil Kim said “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” If that’s how you’re feeling, you’ll definitely want to use one of these essential oil blends for romance and love.

#1.   2:2:2   Lavender; Wild Orange; Patchouli

#2.   2:1:1:1   Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Orange

#3.   2:2:1     Rose; Ylang Ylang; Orange

#4.   3:1:1   Ylang Ylang; Black Pepper; Bergamot

#5.   3:3:2    Sandalwood; Lavender; Ylang Ylang

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best essential oil blends for any mood. Do you have any favorite essential oil blends that you use to make you feel a certain way? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

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