How to Create a Success Mindset * Beverly Walthour

How to Create a Success Mindset

how to create a success mindset by beverly walthour
by Beverly Walthour

Your mindset is the #1 asset you need to have in order to have a successful business. Your thoughts determine your level of success, and therefore they must be positive and encouraging. There is power in your thoughts and words! If you are looking to achieve a success mindset there are small, achievable steps that you can take to get you to that place.

Set Goals

One strategy you can use to create a success mindset is goal setting. Setting 2-4 weekly goals is a great way to keep you focused on what you need to get accomplished in your business. Make these goals something that you can measure and track your progress on. Halfway through the week, check to see where you are with reaching your goals. At the end of the week, reflect on how you did with reaching your goals. Make sure you celebrate your wins, and analyze the reason why you did not reach a particular goal that week.

Visualize your success

A second strategy you can use to create a success mindset is visualization. It involves you creating a mental account of a major milestone in your business (i.e. getting your first paying client, achieving your first 5 figure month, etc.). Write out this account in VERY vivid detail. Include such things as what you are wearing, what you are saying, what you are doing, etc. when you experience that milestone. Play this picture over and over in your mind.

Daily Affirmations

A third incredible strategy to use is speaking daily affirmations. This involves you writing and speaking positive and powerful statements about your business. Some examples may include: “I am a successful and profitable businesswoman”, “I attract my ideal clients everyday”, etc. Have about 10-15 affirmations you speak everyday throughout your day.

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Stay Abreast of Current Trends

Another powerful strategy to use is to read at least 10 minutes per day. Your reading should include things that can help with your mindset or grow your business. As an entrepreneur, you should stay abreast of current trends in your industry and trends in social media. Investing in your professional development is key to the growth of your business.


One more strategy you can implement to create a success mindset is journal writing. Use that journal to record your weekly goals, visualizations, affirmations, and weekly reflections. Writing things down is an excellent way to hold yourself accountable, keep track of your accomplishments, and document your business growth!

Beverly Walthour on how to create a mindset for success
Beverly Walthour

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