Day 4 – 30 Day Anxiety Challenge

30 Day Anxiety Challenge, Day 4: Write Down  Your 3 Most Common Negative Thoughts & A Rebuttal For Each Of Them

Day 4 of the 30 Day Anxiety Challenge will have you write down your 3 most common negative thoughts and a rebuttal for each one of them

It’s Day 4 !I hope you found the Day 3 challenge enjoyable. Coloring can become a very relaxing hobby that ultimately helps manage anxiety and panic. Don’t forget to mark off your success from Day 3 on your  Anxiety Challenge Tracker. Today’s challenge is a bit of a tough one, but you’ve come this far so I know you’ll be pushing right through it.

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Day 4 of the 30 Day Anxiety Challenge with Kyle McMahon you will write down your 3 most common negative thoughts and a rebuttal for each one
DAY 4 CHALLENGE:       Write Down Your 3 Most Common Negative Thoughts & A Rebuttal For Each of Them

How To Meet Todays Goal:

Take a few moments to really think about some of the thoughts that cause you anxiety. If you’re anything like me, you probably have plenty of them. Write down 3 of your most common negative thoughts. When you’re finished with that, write down a rational rebuttal to each one.


Common Negative Thought – Nobody loves me. I am unlovable.

Rebuttal – I have an amazing family and many great friends that love me. They show me through their actions and words. They reach out to me and enjoy my company.

How It Helps Anxiety:

While anxiety can be caused by genetics, environment and chemical imbalances, a big part of anxiety is our thought process. People suffering from anxiety and panic often have cemented their thought process through years of unchallenged thoughts. While in some areas this has benefits, in anxiety it does not.

Anxiety sufferers often have a certain set of thoughts that they’ve let go unchallenged for much of their lives. These specific thoughts may not necessarily trigger an anxiety attack, but they certainly add to the mental environment in which anxiety brews.

By writing down some of your most common negative thoughts and then challenging them with a rational rebuttal, you are taking away the power of those negative thoughts through truth. Anxious thinking is often not rational at all. So, when you’re able to counter those thoughts, you minimize them.

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Once you’ve completed this challenge, you will be able to look back at these notes in your journal or notebook during times of anxiety and counter those thoughts with rationality.


While writing down some of your common thoughts may seem like a simple, trivial task, it is both major and powerful. Over time, you’ll see that those thoughts you wrote down will bother you less and less.

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