Day 7 – 30 Day Anxiety Challenge

30 Day Anxiety Challenge, Day 7: Go To Nature

Day 7 of the 30 Day anxiety challenge with Kyle McMahon is Go to nature

Today is Day 7! After you finish today’s challenge you will have completed week 1 of the 30 Day Anxiety Challenge! You have come so far already! I am sure that the Day 6 Challenge was beneficial to you as you build your support system and make anxiety buddies.. Don’t forget to mark off your success from Day 6 on your  Anxiety Challenge Tracker.

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Now, let’s get started with Day 7 of learning how to manage our anxiety and panic!

being in nature regularly helps reduce anxiety
DAY 7 CHALLENGE:       Go To Nature

How To Meet Todays Goal:

Visit a nearby park and take a leisurely walk through nature. Use this park locator to find the park nearest to you. If you don’t have a nearby park or you are unable to get there today, sit outside and just enjoy the nature you have in your own backyard for 30 minutes. I think you’ll be surprised at just how relaxing your time with nature will be.

How It Helps Anxiety:

People who visit parks 30 minutes a week are shown to have lower blood pressure and be in better mental health over people who do not. In fact, just 30 minutes a week is enough to reduce the stress hormones in our body. This is huge for anxiety and panic sufferers because it is easy and free. The benefits are enormous.

The reasons are still not entirely clear, but we know that being in nature is relaxing, gives us exposure to the sun and typically involves at least a little bit of walking. All three of these combined become a super antidote to managing anxiety and panic.


Giving yourself just 30 minutes per week out in nature will help to reduce your overall stress levels. Over time, this helps to set up an environment for you in which anxiety is harder to thrive.

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