DIY All Natural Air Freshener Using Essential Oils

DIY All Natural Air Freshener recipe using essential oils.
DIY All Natural Air Freshener recipe using essential oils.

Never buy toxic commercial fresheners again as we’ve got a three ingredient, DIY all natural air freshener for your home, office or car.

There’s nothing we love more than living with as little toxic chemicals as possible. Nearly everything you buy these days has some kind of unpronounceable chemical in it that gives negligible effects, usually at the cost of your health. If you’re looking for a a great DIY all natural air freshener that uses essential oils, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you!

If you’re new to essential oils, we’ve got a great post on how to get started with Essential Oils that you want might to check out first. If you’re an EO evangelist, you’ll love this easy recipe. Our DIY all natural air freshener uses only 3 ingredients and will have your home, business or car smelling amazing. Since we use essential oil diffusers in many rooms, we use these for a quick blast or in areas that the diffusers wouldn’t reach like closets and the laundry room.


1/4 Cup Witch Hazel (We like this kind)
1 Cup Water
10 Drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil (Can substitute with pure Lemon Oil)
1 Glass Spray Bottle (We love these)


  1. Pour 1 Cup of water and 1/4 Cup of Witch Hazel into your glass spray bottle.
  2. Put 10 drops of pure Lavender Essential Oil into the glass spray bottle. Note: You can substitute lavender oil with lemon oil).
  3. Put sprayer cap on the bottle and gently shake.

That’s it! Your DIY all natural air freshener will be good for about a week. Spray it wherever and whenever you want a burst of a fresh, natural scent in those areas that your essential oil diffuser doesn’t reach.

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