DIY All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Using Essential Oils

DIY All Natural All purpose cleaner recipe using essential oilsIf you’re tired of cleaning your home with chemicals, we’ve got a DIY All Natural All Purpose Cleaner recipe that uses essential oils to help you clean green.

As our culture becomes more aware of the dangers of dealing with chemicals constantly, many people are searching for alternatives to replace what they can, when they can. If you think about it, many of us eat foods made with chemicals, then wash the plates and silverware we ate off of with chemicals. We clean the table we ate at with chemicals. It’s a never ending constant bombardment of chemicals that we’re eating, breathing and handling 24/7.

There is hope. More and more people are looking for less toxic ways to eat and clean. Nature is a powerful force that has provided us with nearly all of the things that we need to live  comfortably in the this society. Today, there is such a massive amount of amazing all natural DIY recipes, combined with the power of essential oils, you are able to be as all natural as you choose.

DIY All natural all purpose cleaner recipe using essential oils
DIY All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Using Essential Oils

Every all natural home needs an all natural all purpose cleaner. No matter if you’re cleaning countertops or wiping up the floor, a good all purpose cleaner is the main tool in your all natural, green toolbox. Our recipe is a classic, time honored one that is inexpensive and free of harmful chemicals.

What You’ll Need:

16 oz glass spray bottle (We love this brand)

10 oz of white vinegar (We use Heinz Distilled White Vinegar)

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3 Tablespoons of baking soda

20 drops of one of these essential oils: lavender, lemon, tea tree

Recipe for DIY all natural all purpose cleaner using essential oils
DIY All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe Using Essential Oils

In a large bowl Pour 10 oz of white vinegar. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda.  Add 20 drops of your choice of one of the essential oils listed above (lavender, lemon or tea tree). Mix gently and then pour into your glass spray bottle. We recommend using a funnel to pour your recipe from the bowl into your glass bottle.  Top off with water, put on your sprayer and shake.

We think you’ll love this recipe for DIY all natural, all purpose cleaner using essential oils as it is powerful and green. If you have any additional tips or recipes, leave them in the comments.

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