How To Get Started With Essential Oils

how to get started with essential oils for beginnersThere’s so much to learn about essential oils that it may seem overwhelming. We’ve created a beginners guide on how to get started with essential oils as a primer to help you dive right into a more natural health.

Essential oils have become such a big business that it can feel overwhelming to jump in. It seems that everywhere you turn there is something infused or injected with one of the hundreds of essential oils found in the world. There are dangers to watch out for and tried and true rules, and we cover them all in our beginners guide for essential oils. We’ve thought long and hard about everything you’ll want to get to have a complete kit to maximize your use of your oils in nearly every facet of your life. We think you’ll love our primer on how to get started with essential oils.

Best Essential Oil diffusers to get started with essential oils
Best Diffusers to Get Started with Essential Oils

Essential Oil Diffusers are used for both aromatherapy and to keep a room smelling wonderfully without toxic chemicals. A good diffuser (or five) is one of the most important things you’ll need to get started with essential oils. There are various types of diffusers including: Ultrasonic / Humidifying Diffusers, Heat Diffusers, Evaporative Diffusers and Nebulizer Diffusers.  Each has their own pro’s and cons. 

Nebulizer Diffusers don’t need water or heat which gives off a more concentrated stream of essential oils into the air. Since they don’t use water or heat, they use more of your oils up.

Ultrasonic Diffusers create a fine mist of water and your chosen essential oils. They also double as a humidifier. You do want to clean them out periodically.

Heat Diffusers typically use a pure soy or pure beeswax candle to diffuse the essential oil into the room. Most essential oils are highly flammable so this is a process which should be taken with great care. There are non candle Heat Diffusers which gently heat the oil to fill the room.

Evaporative Diffusers uses a pad with drops of your essential oil on it which is then blown through the room by a small fan in the diffuser. These typically don’t work nearly as well as other traditional essential oil diffusers and are recommended for much smaller places.

Simway Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser (400ml)
This ultrasonic cool mist diffuser and humidifier features a waterless auto shut off feature, 7 color LED lights and is extremely easy to use. With a 400ml capacity the Simway diffuser will last about 12 hours if you let it go on it’s own. You can also set it for 1, 3 or 6 hour timer settings. Buy the Simway Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser (400ml) here.

COOSA 100ml Glass Marble Pattern Essential Oil Diffuser
While the Simway Aroma Diffuser is good for larger rooms, this COOSA glass oil diffuser is perfect for a smaller room. It has  a 100ml capacity, is made from glass, has 4 timer settings and features 7 different LED color settings. Buy the COOSA 100ml Glass Marble Essential Oil Diffuser here!

best carrier oils to get started with essential oils
Best Carrier Oils to Dilute Essential Oils

Carrier oils are a very important piece of using aromatherapy and essential oils. Carrier oils are typically derived from the fatty portions of a plant. Just like the essential oils themselves, carrier oils have their own unique properties and benefits. They dilute potent essential oils and help to “carry” the essential oil into your bloodstream through your skin.

Some of the most common types of carrier oils are:

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is solid at room temperature with a coconut smell. It is white, like the inside of a coconut and has a long shelf life. It leaves a moisturizing, slightly greasy oil on your skin.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – Fractionated Coconut Oil has no smell at all, and is liquid at room temperature. It does not leave a greasy oil on your skin, but is still moisturizing.

Grapeseed Oil – Grapeseed oil is one of the go to carrier oils for massages. Very thin, grapeseed oil leaves a very light glossy film when applied over the skin. It must be used relatively quickly as it has a short shelf life.

Shea Butter – Shea butter is solid at room temperature and has a nutty aroma. Shea butter is moisturizing to both skin and hair and leaves a thin wax type layer. It is especially great for skincare.

Cocoa Butter – Cocoa butter is extremely solid and is much better suited for using in a liquid form. It works better when mixed with another carrier oil. It has a sweet, chocolatey aroma.

Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil is a yellow liquid oil with a nutty aroma. It is moisturizing for both the skin and hair and leaves nothing behind after being absorbed into the skin. Buy a big bottle as Jojoba Oil has a long shelf life.

Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet Almond Oil has a sweet, nutty aroma that is moisturizing to the skin. It leaves a very thin layer of oil on the skin, but absorbs quickly.

Olive Oil – Olive Oil is an extremely popular liquid oil. It has a thicker consistency which leaves traces of oil on the skin and has a medium shelf life.

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Invivo Essential Fractionated Coconut Oil (16 oz)
We love Invivo Essential’s Fractionated Coconut Oil. It’s silky and smooth and has no aroma. Buy Invivo Essential’s Fractionated Coconut Oil now!

NOW Organic Jojoba Oil (4 oz)
NOW is an amazing company that really cares about the health of their customers. They’re 100% certified organic jojoba oil is the one we recommend using. Buy NOW Organic Jojoba Oil now!

Unrefined Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter (1 lb)
Better Shea Butter’s raw, unrefined, pure shea butter actually comes in a one pound stick rather than putting it into a container. This way, you know you’re getting the real thing with no additives whatsoever.
Buy Unrefined Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter (1 lb) now!

get started with essential oils accessories
Essential Oil Accessories You May Need

With all of your new products, you’re going to want to start making DIY Essential Oil recipes, but you’ll need a few more things to help you get started with essential oils. From gelatin capsules, roller bottles and storage containers, we’ve got you covered.

Capsuline Empty Gelatin Capsules (1000 ct)
These pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules are 100% BSE free with no preservatives or additives whatsoever. You can easily pull these apart, put your essential oil in and put it back together to take your oils orally (Of course, make sure it is safe to take that oil orally). You will want to get a silica pack to put in your bag of capsules to keep moisture out and they will last a long time. Buy Capsuline Empty Gelatin Capsules now!

SOLIGT Wooden Essential Oils Box (Holds 72)
This box made by SOLIGT not only has 64 slots for your essential oils between 5ml – 15ml, but it has 8 slots for your roller bottles. It’s simple and beautiful, so it makes the perfect place to have all of your oils in one place. This is definitely a key product you’ll need to get started with essential oils Buy SOLIGT Wooden Essential Oils Box now!

Vivaplex 10ml Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles with Stainless Steel Rollers
These Roller Bottles allow you to bring your essential oil blends on the go. Throw one in your bag so you always have your favorite blend or recipe with you. Since there is no plastic, you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals tainting your oil blends, and the amber color protects the oils from harmful UV rays. Buy Vivaplex 10ml Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles with Stainless Steel Rollers now!

Vivaplex Cobalt Blue 4 oz Spray Bottles with Mist Sprayer (6 ct)
Vivaplex scores again with these beautiful glass bottles. Once again, glass is the material of choice, as plastic can leak into your blends, which you’re then spraying on yourself (or someone else) or releasing it into the air you breathe. Neither is good. These glass bottles are cobalt blue (also available in Amber) to protect from harmful UV rays which can easily damage your oils. Buy Vivaplex 4 oz Spray Bottles now!

Books to help you get started with essential oils
Essential Reading to Get Started with Essential Oils

Essential Oils Natural Remedies: The Complete A-Z Reference of Essential Oils for Health and Healing

This book by the folks at Althea Press is a nearly 500 page Bible to educate you on everything you need to know to get started with Essential Oils. In fact, you’ll be a pro by the time you’re done with this book. From a quick guide on ailments and oils that will help, to 300 homemade remedies, to a history of essential oils and education on use, this is an essential (sorry) addition to your collection. Buy Essential Oils Natural Remedies: The Complete A – Z Reference of Essential Oils For Health and Healing now!

Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 7th Edition (2016)

Essential Oil giant Young Living created this excellent pocket reference guide to essential oils. The book is a condescended version of the Essential Oil Desk Guide. Broken up into multiple sections and spanning the history of essential oils, the book also allows you to find the best oils to use for various ailments and conditions. Buy Essential Oils Pocket Reference, 7th Edition (2016) here.

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