Racism – Kyle2U Episode #101

Kyle2U Episode #101: Racism

Kyle2U with Kyle McMahon, Racism title card. Season 1, Episode 1. January 8, 2016. Featuring Brandon Reed.
Kyle2U #101, Racism title card. Season 1, Episode 1. January 8, 2016. Featuring Brandon Reed.

In the debut episode of Kyle2U, Kyle McMahon and his good friend Brandon Reed discuss racism in the world today.  They answer questions from live viewers, share some of their own thoughts and dealings and listen to guests as they share their own experiences with racism, colorism and race relations.

Season 1, Episode 1
Release Date: January 8, 2015
Guest: Brandon Reed
Show ID: #101
YouTube Video: 24 minutes, 05 seconds
Podcast: 40 minutes, 31 seconds

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Fast Facts:

Diversity on Television– While minorities make up approximately 40% of the population in the United States, they make up only 6% of lead roles on television.

A University of Georgia study showed that employers prefer light-skinned Black men to dark-skinned men, regardless of the qualifications of the candidate. The study found that a light-skinned Black male with a Bachelor’s degree and typical work experience was preferred over a dark-skinned Black male with an MBA and past managerial positions (Starr, 2011).

Resources & Further Reading:

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Civil Rights Act of 1964

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