Kyle2U with Kyle McMahon

KYLE2U with Kyle McMahon

Kyle2U with Kyle McMahon. The show dedicated to helping you transform your life.
Kyle2U with Kyle McMahon. The show dedicated to helping you transform your life.

Kyle McMahon
 is an active Millennial. A recording artist with 111 Records / Warner, Kyle began his career in the entertainment business at a young age. As a four time guest on the Emmy winning Oprah’s Lifeclass, Kyle became the face of “Fatherless Sons” around the world. Writing a monthly column for Huffington Post where he covers important topics effecting Millennials including personal development and self improvement, Kyle began to be looked to as a personal development expert. From speaking engagements to working directly with others affected by fatherlessness, Kyle found his true calling: to help other people.

With Kyle2U, Kyle brings his special brand of wit and a dose of personal development to the world with the mantra:  “Transform Your Life”. From shows dealing with tough topics like racism to interviewing some of the most succesful CEO’s in the world on what makes them so succesful, every episode of Kyle2U is designed to make you think in terms of bettering yourself….and when you better yourself, you can better the world. Future episodes will cover interviews with the world’s foremost thought leaders, spiritual advisors, authors, scientists and politicians. Most importantly, Kyle believes in the power of telling your story. Kyle2U features stories from the audience which just may change your life.

Each show is accompanied by a page here where episode information is available that includes facts from that episode, information on the guests and additional resources to help you explore the topics even further. Additionally, many episode information pages will have hand out / printable resources available to allow you to explore the topic in your own life through worksheets, guides, videos, and much more.

We live stream many of the show tapings via Periscope so the audience is able to interact, ask questions and tell their own story. The tapings are edited and broadcast on the Kyle McMahon YouTube channel. An unedited, extended version of the show is available via audio Podcasts on iTunes and other Podcast players.

Recent Episodes

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Upcoming Episodes

Want to be a guest on the show? Want to give your thoughts or even tell your story to the world? Check out our upcoming episodes and Tell Your Story if you want to be a part of the show.

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