Learning To Be Still

Learning To Be Still

Learn to be still through quiet and meditation with Kyle McMahon.
Learn to be still by Kyle McMahon.

by Kyle McMahon

I am learning quickly that stillness is a necessity in my life. From hundreds of text messages a day, hundreds more emails and numerous phone calls, I am constantly connected and always thinking. Like any engine, our brains need down time too. When we’re constantly thinking about what we still have to get done or we’re over analyzing an argument, a misconstrued word, or any number of thoughts that we clog our mind with, we are never giving ourselves time to be truly still.

I’ve been learning to be still through meditation. I’m certainly no meditation guru. In fact, I’m unable to get past 10 minutes or so of stillness and quiet. Still, I’m learning everyday. And that 10 minutes itself makes a huge difference. I quiet my mind and put on some soothing music and just allow myself a break.

Originally, I started with just a minute or two. I was unable to go further. After a few months of sticking with the stillness, I realized I was at the 5 minute mark. And now, a few months later I’ve hit 10 minutes. I am confident that as I continue to practice daily, I will continue to grow the length of time I am able to quiet my mind and just be still.

Find your own safe place and give yourself a break. Start allowing yourself to think about absolutely nothing. If that’s too hard at first, try concentrating on a positive word or focus on your breathing. In time, you will find that just being still is a mini vacation that gives yourself permission to let go, if only for a few moments. In the end, this will make you a stronger and more healthy and balanced individual. When you learn to be still, you learn to quiet your mind and give yourself permission to let it all go.

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