9 Arguments Against Gun Control Debunked!

9 arguments against gun control debunked * Kyle McMahon video

Kyle McMahon goes in depth with facts on 9 arguments against gun control debunked!

Once again we had another mass shooting in America. This article is as accurate today as it was for most any of the other numerous mass shootings we have each year in the United States.  At any time in the last few years the information would be insanely and sadly similar. This time, in parkland Florida, an 18 year old, anti Muslim neo nazi with a disturbing history legally purchased an AR-15, went to the school he was expelled from, where two armed police officers stayed on site daily and shot 17 people dead in their own high school.

Immediately, we hear the choruses that we are all too familiar with. “It’s too soon to politicize this”. And Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families”. Thoughts and prayers don’t make change. The victims families are literally asking us to politicize this to make change.

Let’s talk about finding some common ground so we can begin to take some real action. But first, we need to debunk the numerous myths that are floating around about common sense gun laws by debunking 9 arguments against gun control.

9 Arguments Against Gun Control Debunked

  1. It’s the violent video games and movies.  The same violent video games and movies sold here are sold all around the world and we’re the only first world country with this gun violence and mass shooting epidemic. In fact, the top selling video games in the UK in 2017 match the top selling video games in the US for the same time period. The same thing applies to movies and music.
  2. It’s the medicines people are taking for mental health. Many of the shooters were on psychotropic drugs.
    Those same medicines are prescribed to people all over the world including nearly 79 million in the US alone. Speaking of strong prescription drug control,  every Schedule 1 drug purchase requires you to go a highly specialized doctor who does a full evaluation of you to determine if you’re eligible for a certain drug. Should you be deemed eligible, you’re given a prescription to a pharmacy, dispensed by a licensed pharmacist where you have to show a government ID and your every purchase is tracked in a national database. You’re only allowed to get a refill in a set amount of time. So yeah, let’s actually make guns regulated like psychotropic drugs.

  3. It’s a mental health issue. Yes it is partly a mental health issue. Combine that with our lax gun laws and then you have the situation we’re in now where we allow people with serious mental health problems to have easy access to guns. In fact, the only mental health issue that prevents you from buying a gun is if you were involuntarily committed to a mental institution -and even that is being challenged.  Someone can threaten to shoot up a school, the police can find there’s no credible threat and that same person can legally go and buy an AR-15 tomorrow. And in most states, that person can buy their AR-15 at a gun show without even showing an ID.

But since were on the topic, why don’t we increase our budget to get people help with their mental health? I’m glad to hear you’re ready to invest our taxpayers dollars in healthcare because it seemed to be a big no a few years ago. Additionally, all other countries have the same rate of mental health diagnoses and don’t have the gun violence problem.

  1. Criminals don’t follow laws. – And yet we have laws anyway. Why have laws at all since criminals don’t follow them? And since criminals don’t follow laws, apparently that means we should make it EASY AND LEGAL for them to get access to semi automatic weapons designed for the military. And let’s not forget the Parkland shooter wasn’t a criminal until he decided to shoot up a high school. In fact, most mass shooters aren’t criminals until they commit crimes by carrying out mass shootings.
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5. We need armed guards in schools! Parkland had 2 armed police officers employed at the school. It did nothing to stop it. If two highly trained police officers aren’t enough, then how many are? 5 per school? 10 per school? And who will pay for all of these armed guards when the schools can’t even afford pencils and notebooks for their students?

  1. People just need to report suspicious activity. The Parkland shooter had been involved with the police nearly 40 times. While disturbing, nothing he was doing was truly illegal. That means there was nothing to book him on. In fact, even if he was convicted of a misdemeanor he could still legally buy a gun. In fact, even with a felony that is plea bargained down to a misdemeanor, he could still legally buy a gun.
  • If not guns it will be something else. They’ll just find a way to do it. – Let me know the last time somebody killed 17 people in a school in 3 minutes with a bat. I’ll wait… But you know what, let’s look at other countries because surely they have much higher rates of murder by other weapons since they enacted gun control since they’ll just people will just find a way to do it anyway right? (Show Graphic) oh, fuck. Russia just had a mass school stabbing, by the way. Casualties? Zero.

  • We need to arm teachers! The teachers overwhelmingly don’t want this. Additionally, we have over 300 million guns in this country and the gun violence has only gone up. So your argument is really that MORE GUNS is the answer because 300 million isn’t enough? Further, it’s been proven over & over again that more armed people only leads to chaos and confusion when the actual police arrive and it rarely stops anything anyway. A gun rights group tried an excercise by recreating the hezbolah newspaper shooting but armed some of the employees. Every single person still died. The armed people were unable to stop the mass shooting

  • It’s how kids were raised today. You may have had a leg to stand on if mass shootings were a new thing for America but they’ve been going on for decades. And maybe you’d have something there I’d it was just teenagers shooting massive amounts of people. But the average age of a mass shooter is 35. The Las Vegas shooter was 64.

  • We need to stop perpetuating the fallacies in the arguments against gun control and work only with facts. We need to put politics aside and put lives front and center. This isn’t a Republican issue and this is not a Democrat issue. This is an American citizen issue. And we need to come together to stop this from happening over & over & over again. Currently nearly 80 % of Americans want stronger gun laws.  We need to come together and sit down and figure this out. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our country and we owe it to our children.

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