Don’t Repeat The Same Mistake Quote Card

Don’t repeat the same mistakes and expect a different result.

Too often we frustrate ourselves, wasting so much time and energy by repeating the same mistakes over and over. Why do we do this? Because we’re expecting a different result.

We think to ourselves, “Oh, I can stop her from doing this” or “I hate when he does this” and we end up putting time and energy into making that happen. The problem becomes when our desired outcome doesn’t happen, we often continue repeating that same mistake over and over expecting a different outcome. If you’re boyfriend doesn’t want to change, he’s not going to. You either have to accept his behavior or make a change of your own.

The first time or two is a lesson. After that, the blame falls squarely on you.

Dont repeat the same mistake and expect a different result quote by Kyle McMahon
“Don’t repeat the same mistake and expect a different result.” Quote card

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Inspirational Quote Card: Don’t repeat the same mistake & expect different results.



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