Instantly Bring Down Your Stress Level With These Healthy Drinks

Instantly Bring Down Your Stress Level With These Healthy Drinks

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Are you looking for a way to destress naturally? Instantly bring down your stress level with these healthy drinks.

Do you know anyone (including yourself) that does not suffer from stress on a more than occasional basis? We are not talking about stress about global warming, who is President, or the state of our healthcare system. We are talking about everyday stress about work, school, traffic, and forgetting to pick-up your dry cleaning.

We have worked so hard on ourselves as a people, that we allow no time to ease through life. That a 20-minute delay in our routine, ruins our day. Some studies show 1 in 5 Americans take medication for stress and anxiety. Many more need help but refuse to take drugs that are addictive and change you until you no longer know yourself. The treatment may work for a while, then you need more and more of them to get the same result until your doctor sees this and stops giving them to you. You just thought stress was bad. Now you have added withdrawal.

It can be stopped and it can begin now but you have to change a few things.

We are going to give you some drinks that will stop your stress. They taste great, you feel great, and your stress is instantly relieved. They are made from healthy and easy to use ingredients and are infused with essential oils that are found at this website:

This is as close to a magic bullet as you will ever find. But you have to cooperate. You can’t keep doing what you are doing, consuming what you are consuming, living like you are living, and drink one f these drinks and instantly live in a stress-free world. They will help, but for them to change your body and life, you have to do your part. Talk a deep breath it isn’t that hard.


  • Give up or greatly reduce your use of alcohol. It Acts as a depressant and when you consume too much it makes you less capable of handling normal life.
  • Give up nicotine (in all forms) to stop the withdrawal feelings you have every time you smoke
  • Give up sugar which will give you a high, then an equally low crash.


  • Staying hydrated – drink your healthy drinks, and keep a bottle of water handy at all times.
  • Eat foods that will help you stay stress-free and focused. You can find a list of some of them here.
  • Start managing your time and stop always chasing the clock.
  • Learn to say no if you cannot take on anything else.

Healthy drinks that will knock the stress right out of you!

Peppermint Tea

Use Peppermint essential oil carefully. It is strong. Drinking Peppermint tea is an instant stress buster. Peppermint is well known for its powers to settle the stomach and reduce vomiting. It is a natural pain reliever, so bye-bye stress headache.

You can use dry or fresh peppermint to make your tea. Add one tablespoon of dried peppermint to 8 ounces of boiling water an steep for 3-4 minutes. Tip: if you are in a rush and need this, simply out ONE drop of peppermint oil under your tongue and drink a bottle of water.

Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, Hot Chocolate

Make a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, add 2 drops of Cinnamon Bark Essential oil and one drop of Peppermint essential oil. You will feel great and relaxed in no time. Most people do not know the power of Cinnamon Bark Essential oil but it is fantastic for stress relief. Use it with or without the peppermint oil, but we suggest adding the extra pop of peppermint.

Pick me up coffee

Whether you want to stop by a coffee chain and order an espresso or you want a foamy cup of your favorite cup of joe; drop 3 drops of ginger, 2 drops of sweet orange, or the cinnamon bark and peppermint. This is now one super-stress busting drink.

instantly bring down your stress level


Make a few minor changes and try a few of your favorite essential oils and you will see and feel immediate results. You can play with them to get the taste you like. Use honey instead of sugar for a sweet drink

Of course, you can always drop back to your hot teas to help you sleep. There are also oils that boost your immune system.  Dive into the world of essential oils and see what you have been missing.

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