Watch video of colorblind man seeing color for first time

Colorblind Man Sees Color For First Time (Video)

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Colorblind Man Sees Color For First Time (Video)

Watch video as colorblind man sees color for first time
Watch: Colorblind Man Sees Color For First Time (Video)

Too often, we take for granted everything that we have. Even more often than that, we take for granted even the tiniest things. For instance, when was the last time you were consciously grateful that you weren’t born colorblind?  Petey, the man in this video, is someone born colorblind. Color blindness, or color vision deficiency, is the inability or decreased ability to perceive color differences. Typically, this genetic trait is caused by a fault in the retinal cones which perceive color and transmit those signals to the brain. In the video below, Petey puts on his EnChroma glasses for the first time and is able to see color.

The video of Petey experiencing color for the first time is something to behold – a true moment of beauty. Imagine the beauty we all would feel if we were as grateful for the “little things” in life that we typically take for granted, as we are for the big ones. Watch the video of this colorblind man seeing color for the first time.



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