UDance Proves College Kids Can Change The World

6,000 University of Delaware students attended UDance 2018 a 12 hour dance marathon raising money for kids with cancer.

University of Delaware students are changing the lives of children with cancer through UDance.

While some mock the entire demographic of young Americans for the actions of the select few eating tide pods, the broader demographic aren’t bothered by the diss. They ignore the disparaging remarks and don’t let it distract them on their mission to change lives. UDance is a University of Delaware philanthropic organization that is completely student run. Each year they work all year long raising money for the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

The UDance efforts culminate in a 12 hour dance marathon at Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware which raised $1.9 million dollars for the 2017 event. This year, University of Delaware students outdid themselves raising $2.01 million dollars that goes directly to assisting children with cancer and their families.

UDance 2018 prominently features B+ Heroes - Children with cancer

Students Fundraise All Year; Adopt A B+ Hero

Fraternities and sororities, athletic teams, student run organizations and many other University of Delaware students hold multiple events throughout the school year to raise money. From golf outings, mixer events & canning to car washes and partnerships with local businesses, students and alumni work hard to raise as much funding as possible.

Additionally, the student organizations are each paired with a B+ Hero – a child with cancer. The students hold special parties for the child, take them to various functions and generally make sure they know they are loved and taken care of. Those same B+ Heroes are invited to UDance to partake in the festivities their “adopted” big brothers and sisters have planned in their honor.

UDance 2018 found 6,000 students participating in a 12 hour dance marathon at University of Delaware

UDance 2018 Event Features Music Artists, DJ’s & More

The UDance 2018 event took place on Sunday March 11 at the Bob Carpenter Center and over 6,000 people attended. The UDance Executive Board, committee and other volunteers arrived in the early morning hours as dancers, alumni, well-wishers, family and friends all arrived to take part in the 12 hour dance marathon. The UDance committee produced a top notch event featuring local music artists like The Rockets, multiple DJ’s, numerous student organizations and an extremely touching talent show featuring B+ Heroes.

A silent disco offers an area where attendees put on provided headphones and choose between two live DJ’s playing right in front of them. It’s a bit of a comical site to see hundreds of people dancing to music that only they can hear while being only yards away from the stark contrast of the thousands dancing to the music on stage from the main floor of the Bob.

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The Reflection Room offered a quiet oasis in the vast expanse of the Bob where attendees could listen to the stories of cancer survivors – and the stories of some that haven’t been so lucky. It gives guests information on Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, why it was started and how it is making a difference in the lives of thousands of families throughout the country each year.

The hallways of the Bob were lined with the names of donors, those who have been personally impacted by cancer and beautiful tribute to those who we’ve lost to cancer. We heard numerous stories of people who have been directly helped by the B+ Foundation in their time of need. B+ Founder Joe McDonough knows what it’s like to deal with the cancer diagnosis of your child – and for him, the loss of his son to it. Every speaker mentioned how they were helped by the B+ Foundation. From unexpected financial needs to having guidance through the process of a diagnosis to just having support from people who have been there, every person was moved to tears by the help the organization offered. UDance celebrates this cause and helps it reach new heights through its top notch team and their tireless dedication to helping.

It’s official: college kids not only can change the world – they already are.



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