VIDEO: 6 Myths About Anxiety Debunked

Video: 6 Myths about anxiety debunked. A Kyle2U Short
VIDEO: 6 Myths About Anxiety Debunked! A Kyle2U Short

Watch our latest Kyle2U Short video: 6 Myths About Anxiety Debunked!

For as common as anxiety is, there is a lot of misinformation on the disorder. While every one has anxious feelings now and again, anxiety disorders can actually cause distress to a sufferers life through many ways if it’s left unchecked.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18% of the population age 18 -54 suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder. From generalized anxiety disorder to panic disorder or even specific fears and phobias, 1 out of 10 adults currently lives with some form of the disorder. For a disorder that touches tens of millions of people, there is a significant amount of untruth and confusion.

From anxiety being perceived as a weakness or personal flaw to the common belief that those who suffer from anxiety should avoid situations which cause them an attack, much of this information can be detrimental to both anxiety sufferers and the general population at large.

In this Kyle2U Short, we have taken some of the most common myths about anxiety and debunked them with facts from the world’s leading researchers and psychologists. Know that if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you are not alone.

WATCH: 6 Myths About Anxiety…Debunked!

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