Day 3 – 30 Day Anxiety Challenge

30 Day Anxiety Challenge, Day 3: Color A Page From A Coloring Book

Day 3 * 30 Day Anxiety Challenge with Kyle McMahon

Day 3 is here! I hope you found joy in the Day 2 Challenge. The feedback I’ve gotten from participants has been incredible.  Don’t forget to mark off your success from Day 2 on your  Anxiety Challenge Tracker. Today’s challenge is a good one that if you end up enjoying, can become a really nice addition to your anti anxiety tool belt.

If you’ve gotten here from the web, be sure to sign up to the E-mail list to get the full 30 day program. Now, let’s start with Day 3 of learning how to manage our anxiety and panic!

Writing down those that bring you joy can help relieve anxiety and panic
DAY 3 CHALLENGE:       Color A Page From A Coloring Book

How To Meet Todays Goal:

You’ll need colored pencils or crayons for today’s challenge. Simply carve out some time today to color a page from a coloring book. You can do this in chunks or take your time and do it all at once. I have created one just for the 30 Day Anxiety Challenge that you can download and print for free. Click here to download the Kyle2U 30 Day Anxiety Challenge Coloring Page.

How It Helps Anxiety:

There is a large amount of evidence proving that coloring helps relieve stress and anxiety. The focus on the simple task of coloring helps to naturally direct your mind to the present task rather than thoughts that could lead to worry or anxiety. Coloring actually retrains your amygdala – the emotion center of the brain – to be calmer. The more often you do it, the more often you are training your amygdala to be calm. While it gives immediate benefits, coloring also helps in the long run by fending off anxiety from coming.

There are a number of adult coloring books for every type of person and interest ranging from irreverently funny, to coloring books based on your favorite show to books focused on animal designs and even ones designed specifically for anxiety.

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Taking the time out of your day to color has enormous stress relieving benefits that are shown to help in both the short term and the long term in helping anxiety and panic.

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